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You have questions and hopefully, we've got the answers for you!

This sounds great but it seems very very complicated.  I'm just a small operator.

  • This is actually not very complicated for you at all. The most you have to do for us is provide us with the documents to review. Ideally, that would be your load confirmations that contain all the details for what your truck(s) have done. We would need at least one months worth of these to review.  Any additional information you can get us would be a bonus! (See next question)

I have my load confirmations all ready to send over. What else would you need?

  • The next bits of info that would be useful for us would be the following. Again, not required as we'll use industry standards and we can get your data in later!

    • Average MPG for your truck(s) loaded and empty​

    • Annual Insurance costs per truck

    • Approximate amount you spend annually on maintenance

    • Company drivers or O/O's... What do you pay them per mile?

    • Are you a driver/operator? What do you pay yourself a mile?

How long does your review take?

  • We work pretty quickly through your data once we have it all entered in. This can be a bit of a process if the load confirmations are harder to read or we can't read them electronically.  But from when you get us all your data to when we have a report ready for you normally takes no more than 3 business days.

What kind of things will you tell me when you're done?

  • We look at your load histories, deadhead miles, rates per mile, customers, extra charges and whatever details you gave us on expenses.  From here we can tell you:

    • What lanes are you best profit lanes​... Keeping in mind that your best paying lanes may not be your best profit lanes.​​

    • We'll identify lanes and/or backhauls that are working/not working for you

    • We'll identify details around deadheads and what that's costing you

    • We'll look at round trips to see where you may be winning or losing

    • We'll break down and present your total cost per mile 

    • And with your cost per mile, we'll have a pretty good idea of your revenues per mile

What kinds of tips or suggestions will you give me? Are they going to be complicated?

  • Normally, we start with the basics and get you to cut out lanes or customers that are not working for you. Customers that you might think are great but you're losing money with them. Perhaps because of where they are sending you.

  • We'll look deep at empty miles and give you suggestions about how to best work with Load Boards and past customers to address empty miles

  • We'll look at your best lanes and where you're making the most profits and give you some clear directions around how to go after more freight like that.

Nothing we give you will be complicated. It will all be basic best practices that you can apply BUT most importantly, we can show you what the impact on your profits or expenses will be by applying these changes!

How does your guarantee work!?

  • We are so sure that we're going to find you areas to improve in your business that we guarantee this.  If we can't find areas where you're wasting or throwing away money or could be making more, we'll refund any fees paid to us and congratulate you on doing a great job. This has yet to happen. Perhaps you'll be the first as we always find significant areas where operators can improve to make more or to lose less.

How can you do this so fast and for so cheap? My Accountant would charge me a fortune for this review to be done.

  • We use the power of AI to review massive amounts of data. It does so at a speed that is literally unheard of. We put your data into our system which allows us to ask very pointed and direct questions to get the answers that you need to be more efficient in running your business. Larger companies are already doing this... We're bringing this solution to the smaller operator. It will be game changing for you.  We promise. No. We GUARANTEE IT!

Ready to get Started!?

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