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We Steered a Trucking Business Towards a More Profitable New Year

Finding Lost Money: A Trucking Success Story

Hello Truckers! As we get into a new year, we want to share a success story from the road - a real life story of how we helped a trucking company just like yours shift gears and find lost profits. Perhaps you can relate!?

The Roadmap: We took a dive into the operations of a trucking company and reviewed 3 weeks worth of info from their load histories, (Examining nine different loads). Our goal? To find the sweet spots and the rough patches in their business as the client was concerned about not making enough for the work they were putting in.

What We Discovered:

  1. Money Matters per Mile: We noticed a big difference in how much they earned on different trips. Imagine one trip making $2.93 per mile, while another only pulled in $2.06 per mile. That's a lot of lost dollars on the longer roads! Just stop pulling low paying freight already!!!

  2. Empty Runs are Costly: Here’s a shocker – about 31% of their driving was with an empty truck. That's like running on a treadmill, but for trucks. The industry says keeping this under 15% is the way to go.

Our Strategy for a Profitable New Year:

  1. Cherry-Pick Your Routes: We suggested that they need to be more picky with their trips. More profitable routes mean more money in the pocket so take the time and do some research and we gave them a few tips around how they can go about doing so.

  2. Keep That Truck Loaded: We suggested finding ways to reduce those empty backhauls. Every mile should be a money-making mile and this goes directly back to the point above which is stop putting your truck in situations where you need to deadhead OR make sure you get paid for it!

  3. Bottom Line Boost: If, the company chooses to implement what we've advised, they will be on track to make more money for every mile and with less fuel waste, and more cash in hand.

Driving Results: By applying our suggestions to cut out low-paying routes and slash their empty runs, they're now poised to boost their revenue by an impressive $0.20 to $0.35 per mile over the same distance. That's a significant shift in profits by simply working smarter and but not really driving much more!

Your Turn to Accelerate: Inspired by this story? It's your turn to rev up your business as we roll into the new year. Small changes in how you pick your loads and manage your routes can turbocharge your profits. Remember, every mile counts, and every empty mile is a missed opportunity. Let's make those wheels turn profitably!

Ready to Fuel Your Success? If you’re looking to steer your trucking business towards more profitable routes, we’re here to help. Contact us, and let's plan your journey to success together! 🚚💸🎆

Happy hauling and here’s to a better 2024!


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